Services - Visualization

Visualization Solutions

We are passionate about creating project solutions that have our clients stop and stare at the space we have created together. Visualization and 3D rendering allow us to translate design ideas into images our clients can almost touch. 3D visualizations give our clients the ability to easily understand even the most complex projects without the need to read architectural plans. Services include:

  • 3D Rendering
  • Photo Alteration
  • Visualization of Space Planning
  • Conceptual Sketches
  • SketchUp

Bringing Design Into View

The 3D rendering and visualization services used by Phillips Architecture allow our clients to get an advance view of their project which is very close to reality. Our clients can take an animated 'walk through' of the exterior and the interior of their property before construction gets started.  Providing this service to our clients allows them to:

  • Begin the Commercialization of their Property prior to construction
  • Provide Full Details to Banking or Financial Institution / Loan Process
  • Make Changes Prior to Construction Saving Time & Money

"Phillips Architecture's experience proved invaluable in helping us plan our space around issues that we might not have anticipated. This was our first group up retail credit union branch and Phillips made our job easy."

-Ronald Bodkin

Commercial Loan Officer

Self-Help Credit Union