The Perfect Solution

When someone walks into your space, the design, furniture, and decor tells them who you are and shares your vision with them. At Phillips Architecture, creating a space that provides your staff and visitors with that experience is at the core of our services to you. Through listening and asking questions, we help you achieve your dreams for your space. Whether you are creating a new look with furniture and décor, renovating your current space, or building a new commercial space, Phillips Architecture looks forward to providing you with the perfect solution

Measuring Client Expectations

Phillips Architecture is focused on treating each of our clients as individuals. Because of this, for nearly a decade we have used an individual-based approach to collecting and incorporating client feedback into our projects. Many firms ask 'how they did' at the end of the project. We want to ask while there is still an opportunity to make adjustments. When you work with us, we will ask you throughout the life of the project to provide us with feedback and give us the chance to really learn how to serve you best! We are proud to be among the 5% of A&E firms with a measureable feedback process


Phillips Architecture has been named among the Top 100 Small Businesses of NC multiple times in the last ten years.